Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Odd days and husbands

Today was an odd day.  I didn't go to work.  That in itself was strange.

Richard often takes Marley to school in the mornings so her mom can get to work on time.  Today was my turn because I didn't go to work.  I was going to get to see her classroom for the first time, but the door was locked.  Strange.  She ended up going to another classroom and all was okay but still.

Richard and I went to mass, then made plans to go put flowers on mom and dad's grave.  Oddly, I didn't have flowers.  Richard remembered to bring water and a scrub brush to do a little cleaning, and we stopped on the way to pick up flowers.  

We managed to make things work, but not until I'd made a bigger mess than we started with.  It was really hot so we burned out quickly.  I'm dealing with an odd crud-like stomach virus.  So we came home to eat lunch and took naps.  Long naps.  

I finally woke up and found my way into the studio.  And there the strangest thing happened, the quilt top almost finished itself!  No, seriously, I struggled yesterday and today was a breeze. Tonight the quilt is on the long-arm and some quilting already in.  

Strange indeed!


Kaja said...

That is strange - I've never had a virus that improved my creativity!

Karen S said...

Good to see something going right in the day. Hope you get well quickly.

jenclair said...

Good on ya'! From strange and uncomfortable to a nap and creativity--way to go, Mary.