Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Graduation cramps my style

Graduation really does.  Cramp my style, I mean.  I am not one for pomp, or big deals, or circumstances that require wearing shoes that hurt my feet.  But anyway.

For a big deal, graduation was very nice.  Lots of parents, family and friends.  All the teachers.  School board members.  You know, all the people who were supposed to be there.  

The graduates were well behaved.  They do sit on stage, and everyone is looking at them.  Still, they enjoyed themselves a little.  One or two indulged in a jig after receiving their diplomas.  I guess it's hard to control happiness when you're overwhelmed and you've been holding it in for an hour.  

I'd mention all the awards and scholarships but, for a small school, we have a striking number of kids who do extremely well.  For example, every regular ed senior is Work Keys Certified.  

Half have received Honors Graduate awards, meaning they have taken and earned 12 or more credits in honors courses.  I lost track of the amount of scholarship money our senior kiddos earned.  I'll admit that I'm pretty impressed!  And pleased to be associated with our school and graduates!   Go BNTHS!

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Karen S said...

Some impressive results. Well done!