Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fidget Quilts #8 and #9

Since I forgot to take photos of Fidget Quilt #8, I'll just have to move on to #9. I made this one in less than a couple of hours.  Of course, these are quick and easy.  I loved Jenclair's beautiful orange and green FQ so much that I decided to play with a little orange and green of my own.  I added purples because, well, why not?  

Pulled a few of my favorite fabrics in orange, green and purple. Scissor-cut wide strips, which sewed together in no time, and played with a few layouts.

On to sewing, I tacked down the quilt with the first seams so I wouldn't need pins.  Then started some free-motion stippling without the BSR!  

In this picture you can just see the applique seam I used for the striped fabric.  I left a wide fold when I turned the fabric, so that I could flip it over and stitch it down backward.  This helps the seam to stand up so patients' hands can "find" the seam by touch.

Yes, just put on the embroidery foot and played.  My seams are much smother than I thought they could be.  

Just before closing in the quilt, I added an old piece of necklace chain on one end and about 8 beads in different sizes and shapes on the other end.  If you can see the dark shapes in the fabric in these small pics, you're looking at the shadowing of those beads and the chain.

Finally I carried the orange color to the other side of the quilt with a square of fabric that I ruched with elastic.  A patient who pulls on the 3D shape will be a little surprised because the elastic gives since I tacked down the edges only.  So the shape is a loop that I can slip my hand in.

I like adding lots of dimension and tactile experiences for the Alzheimer's patients who receive them.  I plan to add a few buttons and other trinkets to this quilt.  I tend to let a couple pile up, play with notions and found objects for all of them, and have a sewing session that finishes up all of the quilts at once.  

This quilt is the first one for the Alzheimer's ward in the nursing home closest to our house, so I guess I've now officially started the next batch. This one will take at least ten quilts so it may be a little while before I make the next delivery.

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