Sunday, May 24, 2015

Modern Monday: CraZy X qUiLt QuIlTinEsS

Oh it's crazy, all right.  This quilt is part of a bee that I'm participating in.  I finished it on Friday and could barely wait to write a post about it.  Mostly because the associated insanity was all my fault. Who knew that giving people a choice in sizes would cause maniacal reasoning?

Besides, I was pretty proud of the fact that I had thought that through, somewhat.  I didn't consider a few other problems.  Actually I didn't consider that there would be other problems.  There were.  Several.  But I worked through them.  It was easy, except for the schizo times when I thought surely there was no way I'd figure it out.  I'm particular, you understand.  Well, not so much particular as spoiled.  I like to get what I want.  I know what it is and I want that.  Not something else.

 In this particular case I didn't want to square up the blocks because that would make the nine-patches wonky.  I love wonky.  But only when I intend wonky.  Otherwise, I want the opposite of wonky (whatever that might be).  

I also had decided early on that I'd pretend that the block is the square formed by the meeting of the X's.  That was going to be easy (at least in my head it would) because in my head the tip of the X's would all just touch....or almost touch.....or be close to almost touching.  Never in my head did the X's get so flippin' far away from each other.    

Look at the arm of this yellow X.  It's nowhere near the arm of the other X.  It's like they are in different time zones.  I knew I'd have to fake it--that was the plan, after all.  But I also had to improvise--not as easy.  Then I had to slapdash, pull together, and dream up ways to make the squares, well, spaces--and not necessarily square spaces.  Here's another place where arms and legs are strewn all about like a crazed octopus with no self-control.

So I made-do as my grandmother used to say.  Sometimes I connected the X's, sometimes I pretended to connect them and sometimes I just let it all go.

And I quilted the heck out of it.  It's not perfectly flat, but it pretends to be and that's about all I can ask of it.  The quilting motifs are all labeled in this post so that you can see how I changed from one to another.  If you like these, go to Leah Day's website. She has more than I'll ever use.


Karen S said...

I know it did not turn out the way you planned in your head, but i think it still looks great!

Kaja said...

Sounds like you had some fun putting this together! I absolutely love how it has turned out: it's right up my street.