Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Camping anyone?

Coachmen Shasta Travel Trailer - N610553Richard and I bought a camper recently.  After looking for months and going to several camper sales lots and one camper show, we finally made a decision.  I was okay with the first small one that we saw.  "This is it," I told him.  He insisted that we look more.

A month later, "I'm done," I said.  But he wanted to look in another town nearby.

Forest River Rockwood Travel Trailer - N403396
"I'm not going back," I fussed.  So he started going alone.  He found three he liked but he couldn't make the decision.  I had to look at the campers again.  

"Which is the smallest one?" I asked, then "Which is the cheapest one?"  The answers were the same.  

Keystone Bullet Travel Trailer - T422311"What's the problem? Why didn't you buy it?"  He wanted my approval, apparently.  I looked.  I fell in love.  I said to buy it.  He didn't.  He needed another day.  Thank goodness the sales guy said someone else was interested.  I think that did it.  

The ONE a 19 ft. Jay Flight
Finally, we made a decision.  It wasn't the first one I saw.  It's much, much smaller.  This one has a queen size bed, but it's in a space that has no floor.  We'll climb in the bed from one corner, I took the comforter out and put in some of my quilts, which brighten the 'bedroom' quite a bit.

The rest of the camper is bright and airy because the walls are off-white and there are windows everywhere.  That was my one request--lots of windows.


So there we are.  The new camper.  There's a surprising amount of storage and a nice refrigerator.  No counters in the kitchenette (I mean, really, could we call this a real kitchen?)

It has everything, even a microwave.  There is just no counter space.  Of course, I'm not going to be cooking for company.  And we aren't going to do much more than sandwiches.  I want to save some of my time for fun!

Now on to the tough decision: where shall we go?  How long do you think it will take us to decide?  


Kaja said...

Oh lucky you! Now you just have to get packed up and head off for an adventure or two.

Karen S said...

This one looks perfect. Choose some sunny weather and off you go!