Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Scenes from the navigator's seat

I did not get to drive very much while we were on vacation.  Covering 1,889 miles in seventeen days means sitting.  Lots of sitting.  Same seat sitting.  I do believe my hiney imprint is forever in the passenger seat.

There were times when we were able to stop along the road so that I could snap a photo or two.  More often I took pictures "on the fly," meaning while the truck was rolling at 45+ miles per hour.  

I need to look back at photos to remember all that we did and saw as we traveled from the deep South to the high North, dividing the nation into (for us) the states east of our route and those to the west. It certainly helps in remembering where, exactly, some of the states are.  

Remember those fifth grade geography tests on which we had to label all 50 states?  I failed at those.  No really failed.  My teacher kept giving me the test again and again.  For some reason I would miss several states.  Not always the same states.  Just several wrong ones.


Meaning enough to fail.  Meaning enough to have to take the test again.  And again.  I don't remember how that turned out, but I do know that I passed fifth grade.

I could probably pass that test now.  Just saying.


QuiltSwissy said...

I would fail at the placement of the states in the Northeast area. We were having father's day dinner with Carrie and Andrew. Carrie says, our friend is moving to the Midwest. Andrew says, not the Midwest. She says yes, Delaware. We all look in amazement at this 30 year old college educated, #3 in her class at a major university, architect/designer who has traveled extensively as a child, young adult and adult.

So obviously it is in our genes......

Mary Marcotte said...

Tonight I'm thinking I was a bit sassy when I wrote this post. lol I do get them mixed up. Maybe the smartest move would be to delete my sassy words before someone challenges me.