Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pin It Weekly #110

How about a little fine art for fun pinning?  I just love artwork that depicts women and girls, so that's what I'm pinning.  Sit back with these proper ladies (most of them anyway) and enjoy.

Sir Thomas Lawrence 'Portrait of Mrs. John Allnutt'

John Singer Sargent, Mrs. Hugh Hammersley, 1892

Portrait of a Child John Singer Sargent (1856-1925)

1893 Mrs John Jay Chapman (Black Dress) by John Singer Sargent

John Singer Sargent

John Singer Sargent Wow! The lighting is divine!

John Singer Sargent's Violet Sargent (Bench)

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portrait painting: "morning breeze" by contemporary Italian painter Pino Daeni, in his beloved modern warm family love style of motion & passion (influenced by Pre-Raphaelites & Macchiaioli)

Girl with a Book - Philip Maliavin.(1869-1940). Russian

A Quiet Hour (c.1901). John White Alexander (American, 1856-1915). Oil on canvas. Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. There is so little tension in the woman’s body she resembles the drapery that covers her. The painting might be used to show how ill-suited women are for study. The woman is dozing over her book, eyes closed, one arm lying languidly at her side, the other falling over the open book, which is, suggestively, blank.

Lady Holding a Book [alternative title: Portrait of a Lady] (late 19th century). I. Sabatini (Italian, active late 19th century). Oil on canvas. Cooper Gallery, Barnsley. The work was painted in Florence but it is believed that it was acquired in London from the Royal Institute of Oil Painters. Sabatini’s work is characterised by meticulous execution, as seen in the representation of the sitter’s fine lace collar and cuffs, hair and jewels. All of his works are highly decorative.

What have you been pinning lately?  Add the url to one of your Pinterest boards or to a blog post that includes pins from your board.


Kelly said...

I've been pinning a lot of Quilt Bee block and quilt ideas. :) Here's my board! https://www.pinterest.com/rhapsdy/modern-quilt-bee-ideas/

Kaja said...

I love the red dress in the second picture! I've been pinning interesting colour cominbations - https://www.pinterest.com/kziesler/inspiration-colour/