Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Amish Life

Having traveled through parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and upper New York state, Richard and I have had a few small encounters with some of the Amish people from the area.  Those encounters were mostly distant--the Amish are easily distinguished--and few words were exchanged, but having taught a bit about the Amish life, I could not help but be curious.

To that end I purchased and read two books written by Amish writers: Amish Houses and Barns, by Stephen Scott, and The Amish School,by Sara E. Fisher and Rachel K. Stahl.

Both are quite interesting but I'll tell you more about the books on another post.  Tonight's post is all about how to be inspired by the people of the Amish community.

Amish farm, Ohio- So reminds me of Carrollton,Harlem Springs area when I was little.

Amish Acres, discover the Amish life - Hammock in Paradise; Life as an Expat

More From Mindy: A Pocket Guide to Amish Life

the old clothes line, had one growing up..& when first married...miss them now!  love the fresh smell of air dried clothes.  Especially sheets & linens

Apple Blossoms: 30 day laundry challenge

Amish Paradise by Kevin Borland, via Flickr


Amish men doing the final finishing work on a house in ethridge, TN, that they built from the ground up.

amish-buggy-arkansas  Salem, AR

Beautiful Amish Field

Mennonite Barnraising Log Cabin Quilt: Circa 1880; Pennsylvania.  Stella Rubin Antiques.

Lancaster Diamond (Amish quilt), hand quilted by Robyn at Patchwork Passion (New Zealand)

Capitola Crossing by Karen Foster, Capitola Quilter.  Photo by The Plaid Portico.

My Amish Quilt by Valerie Salter.  Photo by Diary of a Quilt Maven: Highlights from the 2012 Dallas Quilt Show - Pieced Quilts

Mini Amish Quilt Challenge by Stacey Sharman.  Photo by The Plaid Portico.

"Square in Square I" by Diane Loomis (Massachusetts). 2012 Long Beach International Quilt Festival.  Photo by Quilter in the Closet

Modern Amish Bars quilt, in:  Urban and Amish by Myra Harder | Martingale

Sticks & Stones Quilt Pattern Download from -- Got scraps? Make something special with simple strip-pieced blocks.

String Star, Amish Style Quilt Pattern Download from -- Use up lots of scraps string-piecing the star points for the center of this beautiful bed quilt.

This is largely missing in our 'worldly' society. Women, young and old, side by side, learning with and learning from one another.

amish dolls - Google Search

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