Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Have Bernina Will Travel

In yesterday's post I promised to tell how I brought the Bernina to NY state and back.  It's one of the really nice advantages of hauling a camper behind the truck.  I set up a section of storage just for sewing.  Well, I had a separate "library" with books and magazines, too.  On the days that I did get to sew, I used the dining table as my sewing table.  I was a bit worried about its stability but it turns out that it's not a problem, at all. 

Just because I had a nice bit of storage does not mean I could fit the entire studio, so I had to carefully choose what I'd bring along.

I decided to make and bring a couple of kits.  One such kit included 4 1/2 inch squares that I cut on the Accuquilt Studio cutter.  To keep the pieces together and separate from the other kit pieces, I put them in this little net bag.  The second kit included about six different bright pieces for a plus quilt.  The pluses are different sizes.  Although it was difficult to fit together, I managed to finish the top this week.

These two kits I stored in a plastic container along with needles, thread, scissors, etc.

The final kit included this rose fabric that I bought several years ago.  My tastes have changed tremendously since then, but what's a girl to do?  I can't just toss out perfectly good fabric just because it's not what I prefer to work with now.  So I decided I'd cut a fast-kit using some fairly large pieces and make myself work on it.  I sewed all the blocks together, but because I didn't have space for a design board, I pressed them and placed them back into the plastic container that they were packed in.  I do have to press them again, but they should go on the design board fairly soon.

This is what they look like, but I don't have the same number of each border color, so I'm definitely going to have to play with them to  figure out a design.

Because I never know when or what inspiration will hit me, I decided to pack a third container of solid fabrics that would serve if I decided to do some improvisational or art quilting.  

Inspiration did hit, but I didn't actually piece anything.  Instead, I took notes and drew out a basic design so that I could remember what was in my head.  I've played a bit with the design, but it's not ready for fabric quite yet.  I promise to keep you posted though.
What do you do when traveling?  Do you just leave it all behind or do you carry some things along?  How do you choose and pack your things?


Karen S said...

You plan very well for your travels. Great use of space, too.

Kaja said...

Oh, now I wish I could take my sewing machine on holiday with me. What have you started?