Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Personal Favors and Friends

On Thursday, a coworker said hello to me with the words, "Mary, hey, I have a personal favor to ask." Now this friend is one of those whose words can have two, maybe three, different meanings.  

She's friendly, you know? Friendly with words, with compliments, with 
happiness. I tend to gravitate toward people who are so generous and who have lots of happiness to share. My depression sort of demands it. 

She has a fun way of saying my name. Maarre--drawing out the "ar" part of Mary, sometimes leaving the "y" off all together. She is not the first friend to do that. Some of my best, most fun, friends do the same thing. Interestingly, they don't all know each other. 

They do all have the same, very strong personalities. They talk. A lot! It's hard to talk more than I do, but they all give me a run for it. 
They all have lots of interests, and ask about my interests, which they don't actually do, like quilting and sewing. They all ask about my family and my life outside of work. They are all real friends who are invested in me and with whom I am invested.

So when one of them asks for a personal favor, I ask what (just to be sure), and then say okay. In this case, the favor was to shorten the sleeves on a fuzzy jacket. A jacket that would be difficult to work with and would likely make a mess. 
But yes, it was.  Then I saw the beautiful button. So I told her to make sure it returned because I might replace it with a chintzy one. But I didn't.

This is a closeup of one sleeve after the repair. Can you tell that there was a change made? I don't think it shows, but I could be wrong. I tried really hard to match the thread and ended up using a Superior Thread in neutral. 

In the car ready to go back to her house.  I've returned it to her on Friday. I had a few days leeway, but I wanted to get this finished and returned for some reason. It's part of an outfit for a wedding and I wanted her to have time to make sure everything fits well.

 These are the sleeve parts that I cut off.  I haven't tossed them yet, thinking they would make fun cording on a project, but who knows how it will end for them? 

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Leanne Parsons said...

I think you did a great job with the sleeves. They look perfect! And that button is so pretty :) Thanks for linking with TGIFF!

Kaja said...

Great job - I couldn't tell they had been changed. And I love what you write about friendship.

Linda said...

You did a beautiful job. I bet she was very pleased.
Although I sewed from the time I was in junior high and many years before I quilted, I find it amusing that people "assume" I can do alterations just because I make quilts. Fortunately the only folks that ask me to make alterations are my family. ;)