Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Snappy Little Bag

Last weekend I took a few minutes to make a little bag. I'd read about them on Val's Quilting Studio. She has pictures of her many bags and a link to the tutorial. Please use that tutorial. I read it. 

But you know my Mary ways. Read something, put it aside, lose it. Then attempt the something without benefit of the directions.

I'm not unhappy. Really, I quite like my little prototype. But Val's are sooo much cuter. Ah well, that's my life. 

This little bag snaps shut, thanks to the metal slivers in the casing. Where does one get a metal sliver? One steals her husband's metal tape measure.

See that big, unwieldy, yellow tape measure? That's all it takes. One of these babies can make lots of bags, I'm fairly sure. Just remember to use the good old scissors when cutting the metal. (I had didn't have to say that, I know. I do feel guilty better, though.)

The stealing part is easier if one asks sweetly the day before her birthday. I got my skinny metal slivers, and he will (eventually) get a new big-man tape measure. 

Isn't this bird fabric just the cutest? Check out the teabags and the watches.  

Visit Val. Read the directions. Make a few of these. 

Look at the space in there! I wonder if I even made it the right size. It's supposed to be 6" X 8". I didn't even measure anything! Just cut fabric, quilted it, sewed it together and added the casing, then measured the metal tape against the bag. I love  sewing that way. It's my absolutely favorite way to sew! (Except when it doesn't work.)
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jenclair said...

I snorted when I read the answer to "Where does one get a metal sliver?" Great bag, great post!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

So happy to tickle your nose, Jenclair. I love snappy comebacks--just rarely have them myself. Mostly I hear them from sassy teens who happen to be sitting in my classroom. Ah, life.

Karen S said...

It does look lovely and the fabric is a delight. Sometimes we buy these gorgeous fabrics and let them sit on the shelf. Great way to use this one.

Shasta Matova said...

Happy belated birthday! That is a cute bag, and I really like the idea of using a tape measure as a closure. Love that fabric.