Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Choose Life

Our family is Catholic. Real Catholic. Cradle Catholics. Most of whom have never known or practiced any other religion.

I'm not saying this in a bragging way, although I am happy about this simple fact. The thing about being Catholic is that it requires more than just faith and believing. Catholicism requires action. Doing. Standing up--which can be awfully difficult sometimes. But sometimes Catholicism can be easy. 

Last weekend was one of the easy times. I joined our son and daughter-in-law, several grands, and our teen catechism class at the first Walk for Life in Central Louisiana

One of most cool (a grand put it that way) things about the walk is that there were people of many, many races and religions walking alongside us.  Another group of Catholics passed by praying the rosary. People chatting. People singing songs of praise and worship. People struggling to walk. 

People. Just everyday, ordinary people who share the belief that a child is a human beginning at conception.  Yes, even during gestation. A baby has life experiences in the womb. A human child, before birth or born, should have the same opportunities to live a full life as you and me.

And that's where I stood on Saturday. And it was easy to stand, easy to walk, easy to believe.


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