Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: B O W T I E S

It's February and Valentine's Day. There are lots of reasons to dress up coming in the next few months: weddings, proms, graduations, and so on. Guys claim they don't like dressing to impress but, in my experience and I did raise three, they generally like the way they look once it's all done. After all, they can be pretty impressive.

stylist gents on the wedding morning | The Black Tux:

we've never seen more stylish tuxedo rentals than those from The Black Tux - absolutely worth a look!:

groom in white dinner jacket, groomsmen in tuxes | Aaron & Jillian Photography #wedding:

Designer Bow Tie Collection for Winter 2015. Self Tie Bow Ties Made from Wool in 5 Patterns. Polka Dots, Gingham, Solid, Double Stripes and Pencil Stripes.

I would totally start wearing bow ties just so I could make some of these. Super-cute!!! DIY Wooden Bow Tie @The Merrythought:

"Bow tie quilts?" you ask. Well, sure!
have to make a bow tie quilt. Good for scraps.:

Old Bow Tie Quilt - Cross Hatch Quilting

bow tie quilt...with different colors it would be a great pattern for a quilt for a man

bow ties quilt | Charming Bow Tie Quilts & A Free Quilt Block Tutorial!

Sew Kind Of Wonderful: beautiful quilting on bow tie pattern

Amish Bow Tie Quilt

Civil War Doll Bed Quilt Doll Quilt Miniature by WoodenNeedleNook:

Bowtie Quilt for boys with a tutorial on this page:

The perfect project for your little loved one, the Polka Dot Patch Quilt Kit from Riley Blake is simply adorable. A quilt for all skill levels, you will love this quick project. With finished measurements of 40"" x 46"", this quilt is the sweet nursery accent you need!    #quilting #quilts #quiltkit

11870848_10204147758125602_3463535673465320686_n.jpg;  480 x 360 (@ 100%):

Bow Tie Quilt:

And finally, two bow tie quilts I've made.  The first is Black Tie Affair, made in 2011 and one of the first quilts quilted on the long-arm, the second is 50th Anniversary Quilt, which I made for my parents which was in 2007.   
a bow tie quilt I made in 2011 and blogged about here
a bow tie quilt I made in for my parents'
50th anniversary and blogged about here
Happy Quilting,

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