Saturday, February 13, 2016

Quilty 365 Beginnings!

Quilty Folk blogger Audrey is hosting Quilty 365 which is "a year long quilt journey." There's a purpose and plan to Quilty 365, but I'm not exactly a long-term quilter. In fact, I'm a bit surprised to find myself taking it on. That in itself is a story, so keep reading to find out how I became invested in a very unlike me project.

But first some Quilty 365 circle blocks.

So my bloggy friend, Kaja over at Sew Slowly, has been involved with Quilty 365 probably since it started.  She's posted several of her circle blocks and I fell in love with them. Kaja is well known for her hand sewing and quilting (hence the title of her blog). Naturally she is doing all of her work by hand. And it's fabulous! Really, really beautiful and inspiring.

 So I was a bit intrigued at first. Then I began toying with perhaps joining in. I finally visited Quilty Folk to check it out. No, it's not really for me. Love it or not, a project hanging around for a whole year would not survive. I'm just not going to last. Then Kaja posted another round of photos and, oh my goodness, I was hooked. I could not resist. 

I decided to make a couple of blocks from some woven fabric just to give it a go. The fabric is soft and easy to sew. Maybe, I thought, make a quilted pillow cover or bag or something.  I figured a nine patch and I'd be satisfied. Less than a week later and I have 14 blocks in two different sizes. All cut by hand, sewn by hand and petted (a lot) by hand! No, I am not done. This afternoon I cut more. More circles. More back ground squares. Quite a few, actually. I did reverse the fabrics, though, solid circles and striped/plaid backgrounds. We'll see how that works when everything is mixed up. 

I figured out how to change the pictures into black and white only. What a great way to look at value. 

Before I say goodnight, I must thank Audrey for the idea and for setting up the rules (you know, the ones I'm not following. Sorry Audrey.) And also Kaja for the inspiration. I know I can't even think of reaching her level of perfection, but I can have fun and that's the plan...until the next big-thing-that-I-can't-resist comes along.

Happy Quilting and come back tomorrow for Sunday Quilt Inspiration!


Kaja said...

Thank you, Mary, for the kind things you say about me! I'm very happy you have joined in and your circles are looking great. I love the colours - so bright and happy - and the way you are using your stripes and plaids. Keep it up. :-)

Anonymous said...

A very fun project, glad I found the link to your post. I started about Jan 1, am using 5" squares and prepared appliqué for the circles. Not one a day,by any means, I am working batch-style, cutting a bunch of squares, marking and cutting circles from stash and scraps from recent projects, then using down time to do the prep and appliqué. I have also cut into my huge collection of conversation prints and will are 3 X 5 block mats of related prints for the smallest grands, a la I spy. I am posting finished batches on IG as Susansquiltmstudio.

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Susan, I love your circles! They are going to make a very interesting quilt. I especially like the "I Spy" angle. I've been cutting and prepping my squares and circles anytime that I can get into the studio and sewing them while my hubby watches TV. I can hear the TV without having to sit still. I multitask TV watching very well.

Shasta Matova said...

Mary, I love the bright happy colors you are using with the circles as well as the gorgeous plaids and stripes. The different sizes will help add interest too. I look forward to seeing more!

Mary Marcotte said...

Thanks Shasta! I am enjoying sewing these--which surprises me since I generally don't enjoy handwork like this. I'm sewing like crazy, though and having fun!