Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Pin It Weekly #229

What have you been pinning? I've been pinning lots and lots of yoyos. Yoyos in wreaths. Yoyos in quilts. Yoyos on pillows. Yoyos in ornaments. Yoyos here, there, everywhere!

There's a reason for all this interest in yoyos. My guild is playing "The Great Yoyo Race." It's a game that I wrote about yesterday. You can see the game rules here.  

So cure -Yoyo dog, You'll find other creative works to do on this blog/site. :)

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yoyo quilt hair clipsAs yoyo flowers is one of my favourites,  so I decided to make this lovely wreath with cute yoyo flowers.              This yoyo wreath is...

A bunch of projects to make using yo-yos, which are so cute!

.would be great on a pillowcase.Charming Yo-yo Tree

darling little yoyo mat                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Yo yo dress - /angiefloyd9/sewing-little-girls/  BACKYoyo ideas

You can find these and about 40 other pins showing cute, fun ways to use yoyos on my Pinterest board, "yoyo, projects."

~ Beginner Quilting - Learn To Design A Yoyo Quilt ~  Visit and Like our Facebook Page
If you would like to join in with me and make some yoyos, let me know in the comments. You can make as many as you'd like: any size, any color, any shape. Use a yoyo maker or make them the old fashioned traditional way. It's all up to you. We'll just get together during the first week of each month to report on our progress. You write a post and throw in a few pictures of your yoyos and then come here to add your link to the group. 

Lampshade Fabric Yoyo's - Nursery- Girls Room

The more people we have playing, the more fun we'll all have visiting and looking at what everyone else is doing.

Finally, if someone really wants to get in on the fun and is willing to be a yoyo partner, please email me so we can chat and plan. (

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