Wednesday, January 17, 2018

This Guy

This one right here. He's my guy and I love him more than I can say. But he loves me more. Hands down. No competition. Here's how I know. 

He's helping me make yoyos. Who does that? Who makes yoyos for no reason really, no reason. The answer is this guy. He's the one. 

Did I tell you about the Great Yoyo Race that my guild is having? Everyone makes yoyos and brings them to the meetings and someone (whomever has the most) wins half the yoyos at that meeting. 

I'd like to win. Well, it would be nice to get yoyos, not just give them away. But it turns out I'm a slow yoyo maker. Even with a yoyo maker. It's just the Mary Syndrome. I can't be regular.

So this man right here is my knight with shining needle. He can keep up with me, too. I'm only making about 8-10 in a sitting. He's making about the same. We don't have a whole lot of them, but it's not like I think I'll win the first time. 

I'll have to get more adept and much faster for that to happen. I may also have to find another family member willing to wield a needle. And then I'll need another yoyo maker. 

Chances are none of those will happen. So we'll just go with whatever the two of us can churn out. 

 No matter how many we do get made, we're having fun sewing and laughing about how crazy this whole endeavor is. Because really, isn't it crazy to turn your camper table (what there is of it after drinks, snacks and bills get their share) into a sweat shop for yoyos? 

Richard celebrated his birthday today. We had dinner then cake and ice cream at the house and enjoyed visiting with Will's family. Then came home to the camper to settle in. In no time we were in pajamas, with the TV blaring (Rich can barely hear), puppies piled all around us, and the wind howling just a few feet away. It's warm and cozy and the yoyos are multiplying at the breakneck speed of a garden slug chased by a bird. 


Sherry said...

I'll help! What size yo yo maker are you using? I have never used one but I am up for new experiences. Of course, mail delivery would need to be taken into account.

I listen to books on cd at lunch at work so it would be something that I could do then.

Let me know, my friend, if you would like my help.

As for the Man, he is definitely a keeper. Belated birthday wishes to him.

Ann said...

It was my favorite summer quilt at my grandparents'. I always intend to make one myself. How very kind your husband is to make them with you. Good luck!

Karen S said...

Can't think of a better way to spend birthday time together!!

Kaja said...

I love to think of the two of you, snug in your camper, yo-yo-ing away. He's a treasure.

Preeti said...

You may not have enough yo-yos, but you have plenty of love and then some more. And that is what that makes the world go round. In the background I see the letters PREM. Of course you have no idea what prem means in Hindi. It means LOVE!!!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Y'all, he is sweet and kind and will just about anything for me. Truthfully though, I didn't think he'd take me up on it. By now we've been yo-yoing for a couple of nights and he's ahead of me. Not that it's a race or anything. haha

Preeti, that PREM is from a box of crackers that I was trying to crop out of the picture. Who would ever guess that the best I could do with my photo would leave in the Hindi word for love. I will tell him when he starts making yoyos tonight. That's the sort of thing we can talk about with almost 40 years of marriage behind us. It may seem silly but those are the conversation starters that can get pretty deep.