Thursday, January 18, 2018

Post It Weekly #230

The weather here in Louisiana is unreal. The temps this morning were colder than at my sister's house in Minot, ND. Quite irregular indeed. On Saturday (which is only two days away) we will be back in the 70s.

New Wave 49MTIIn fact the temps plummeted from perfect 70s and a beautiful sunshine afternoon to snow and ice arriving at midnight. We woke up to 14 degrees this morning. The wind was downright mean--cold, wet, hard. 

Luckily, we have a great heater in the camper, so we stay warm and toasty. We also have a TV, wifi, electronics, and the occasional grandchild visitor for entertainment. A good thing, too, because going out is miserable. I run to the studio bundled up in my only hoodie and a pair of gloves.

DORA JUNG, Gate to Saimaa (Saimaan Portti), woven tapestry, Finland 1965. Material woold on linen warp. © Kuvasto 2016, photo © Bank of Finland. / Kansankunnan Omaisuutta
Well, run is an exaggeration, since the snow melted into ice. (However that works?) Everything is crunchy and feels strange underfoot. After dark it's like walking on crumbled glass and not being able to see it. I just know I'll get a sliver of glass in my foot. Shoes? Of course, it's ice.

The works you see here are from my Pinterest "color, inspiration" board. These are a mixed bag of works--watercolor, drawing, fabric, paper, paints, pojagi, just about anything. 

GJB Quilts: November 2009

I was just doing my thing--window shopping for pins I like--and ran across one of these works. Pinterest has this little button on the upper right corner that allows you to find "visually similar results."

I've used that option several times, but it was really useful for this board.

A Pojagi - traditional 'quilt' or textile wrapping from Korea. This is one by Jung Yui Park.

| Othello Radou - Le Jardin d’ÉtéMelody Johnson Impromptu #2

Explore Melody Johnson Quilts' photos on Flickr. Melody Johnson Quilts has uploaded 545 photos to Flickr.

'Abstract Blocks' by Melanie Mikecz Painting Print on Wrapped Canvas

2015 Holiday Gift Ideas and Guide — Home - The New York Times

Dani Humberstone

Susie Gillespie

Something reminded me of the works of Alabama Chanin. So I had to take a look to see what new stuff is going on. I found these beauties!

Hand stitched & repurposed cashmere feathers (shrug). applique skirt....if only i could sew...

Reverse applique...Blue Oak Vintage::  how interesting.... 3 layers of fabric in some places gives this another layer of dimension... great choice of colours

I just did a quick search in Pinterest, but you can go directly to the Alabama Chanin website at Of course, I did that, too.

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