Friday, January 12, 2018

Not so sure about this one

I've started a new project using scraps. All was going along fine, until I ran out of scraps! Can you believe that? I want a quilt that will be larger than 45 inches square. That's not much of a quilt, unless it's for a baby. 

I don't think this one is for a baby. Though that's the closest I am to knowing what it is to be. Anyway, I was really out of scraps! That meant only two choices: cut up some yardage to make scraps--which somehow defeats the purpose--or pull scraps from a bin of a different color. 

The empty bin gave me nine nice 15" x 15" panels in beige, tan, and light brown. Great for a nine-patch kind of quilt, but do the math. 

I dug around in the other bins and found that the red, blue and green bins are all spilling over. I pulled red. Why not? I thought it would give a bright, happy contrast to the neutrals. 

I'm not happy. I don't know what's wrong, but I don't like what I'm seeing. I also haven't stopped doing. What is it about something not working that makes me keep at it? 

Oh, yes, I'm bipolar. I'm the laugh and cry at the same time kind of chick. Imagine you love everything at once and walk away with nothing. That's me. If I have too many options, I can't decide. If I have only two or three choices, I can't choose. Of course, I may make a spontaneous, fast decision and run with it. All the way. Goodness knows what's to happen if I discover that it was a wrong decision. I may ditch it and move on or fight for the wrong thing till the end with no apparent reason whatsoever. I'm all over the place at the same time. Maybe I should get back to that project problem.

So not like a project and keep making the project? Yeah, I do that. In fact, I'm in the very midst of that. I thought about adding a third color and that may still be the answer, but this red/neutral combination is just not what I expected it would be. 

I guess that I'll either figure it out or make the ugliest quilt top and set aside for, I don't know. Forever? It wouldn't be the first ugly quilt top. And whether I ditch it or finish it, that wouldn't be the first time either. 

Finished or Not Friday?  I'm may be both finished and not. How often can you say that?

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Karen S said...

I like each of the colour combinations, but separately. Why not put the blocks aside until you have more scraps of the right colour for each, sometime in the future. You will rediscover them and become inspired all over again.
Just a thought!

Julie said...

Truly I think this will be far better in the end than you can imagine now, and I would be excited if it was my project. Two color palettes, especially dynamic red and soothing neutrals, are a good recipe! Three, not so much, IMO. I'd cut yardage without a second thought. And scraps viewed close up can give me the chills, and "Oh, what have you done here!" But seen from 15 feet away I might go, "Wow! Look at the slight secondary pattern winding through unintentionally, etc." I would say the awkward project moment reminds me of transition in labor. Crazy, mixed up emotions/signals, but something beautiful on the other side. Out of all the pictures in the link up to visit, I came here first. I love it already! said...

Maybe use some orange/reds that would coordinate with the yellows in your beige blocks? That might pull them together. Perhaps avoid red with white? I love scrap quilts, and I'm sure you will find the perfect layout to make it work. said...

I actually really like the colors together. Keep it morelow volume colors and just a sprinkling of red and that will work great. Or... do that until the reds form wonky star or heart in the midst of all the beiges.

Sylvia@Treadlestitches said...

Hi, Mary! What if you chopped it up? Maybe into triangles or smaller squares or something? And then mixed them up together? You could make any sort of shapes you like. Just a suggestion, feel free to disregard. I admire your stick-to-it-ism. Good luck!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Oh wow! I haven't had so many comments on a post in a long time. Thanks everyone! I didn't get to go back into the studio today, so I've gotten away from the problem for a little while. Ha! That's probably a good thing.
Maybe tomorrow afternoon I can go in and figure something out. I got a couple of new gadgets, so I'll throw everything on the work table and see how things shake out. Not to worry, I'll keep you posted!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I don't think for a minute that these blocks will make an ugly quilt. I really like them. And you've gotten some great suggestions in your comment section so soldier on!!

Anonymous said...

Take the top photo, turn the upper red/beige block 180 degrees so the colors are staggered instead of in line. This will break up the heavy sided red and will also keep your eye from the illusion of unnatural mix of colors. Maybe if you rotate and change the position enough times you will land on a good combination. -rory