Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Y O Y O S

One more look at yoyos. I have to get my act together and need all the inspiration I can get. That craziness that I dreamed up is already chewing on my backside. I have yet to really get started making the darn things. However, I did buy "a yoyo cheater."

Lazy Girl Designs » How To Make A Perfect Yo-Yo Every Time

Clover 8705 Large Heart Shaped YoYo maker

puffs using  plastic disc guide
Really they're not difficult to make either way, but my goal is to be able to make them faster once I get used to the maker. While we were at Joann Fabrics, Richard tossed the only other available size into the buggy. That makes small, no really small, yoyos. There's no way I want to make a project with yoyos the size of a quarter. Imagine how many yoyos it would take!

Yo Yo decor.
How sweet would this be with white yoyos
 for the flower girl in a wedding?
yo-yo bracelet

Google Image Result for
Say small yoyos are too much work, and
immediately find the cutest projects!
Yoyo quilts anyone?

Beginner Quilting - Learn To Design A Yoyo Quilt –


colcha de fuxico de cetim - Pesquisa Google

This piece gives me joy and hope for Spring!!  Such intricate yoyo design

Simple, sweet yoyo quilt.  This would be gorgeous with any of your favorite scrap colors!


This is beautiful.  Yo-yo quilt tutorial- yessss by sondraSquare Yo-yos. My grandma made lots and lots of yo-yos back in the 60's and made all kinds of things from them. She even taught me how to make them. What great memories.

I've always wanted to make a yo-yo quilt.

Must. Make. One.  hmm, recycle old sheets, clothing, fabric leftovers, the possibilities are endless!Vintage Home - Exceptional 1930s Welsh Yo Yo Quilt.

Lovely yo-yo quilt. The site says it was made by an 80-year-old woman and her daughter.

Need more inspiration? Go to my Pinterest board, "yoyo, projects" for lots of fun ideas.

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