Saturday, June 23, 2018

Embroider more!

I got a new machine--a dedicated embroidery machine! I had no plan to purchase any machine, but then sometimes luck just taps you on the shoulder and has good news to boot!

What happened was that my niece bought this Janome a few years ago thinking she would add embroidery to her small tee shirt business. She changed her mind and, it turns out, she didn't like any part of the machine. She tried a couple of times, but sewing is not in her blood. Poor girl.

So I got a text asking me to help her find someone to buy it--perhaps one of my sewing friends. Oh, what to do, what to do? 

Richard suggested I buy it. I had, after all, talked about buying an embroidery machine but couldn't justify the expense. Besides my Bernina embroiders and I don't have as much interest as I did a few years ago. Hmm, she was asking a fair price...

 Well, you can figure out the rest. The machine came with a box of stabilizers, which were recommended when she bought the machine. Only one roll had been opened.

I decided to open all of the rolls, trim off the cellophane, and wrap the label around the corresponding roll so that I can keep the information with the roll. Otherwise how would I remember which is which? I can remove the tape and tighten the label, which works as a rubber band to keep the fusible from coming off the roll.

Directions for use are printed on a separate sheet, so I tucked it into the center of the roll. 

 And now it's all neatly stored in the shelves near the long-arm with the other fusibles and interfacing. Now to find a minute to read the instruction book and give the machine a run.


Frédérique said...

Sometimes this is just how things happen! And everybody is happy, your niece, and you ;)) Have fun with your new toy!

Karen S said...

Lots of new distractions for you! Very exciting!