Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Milly is loading up! ~~ Finishes!

Today's finishes mean that Milly has gotten three dresses and several pair of shorts in less than a week. It seems that almost every time she shows up for a couple of hours, I get the urge to sew a little dress. 

She's not complaining, though. Well, when she's done with the waiting, she can whine a little but nothing too bad. 

This crazy loud daisy fabric been sitting around for a couple of years. I've cut into it several times to toss a few scraps into some colorful quilt or other, but I keep finding these the big pieces. Even after cutting Mill's dress out, I still have enough to make a pair of shorts. Maybe I'll just chop it to bits and add it to a quilt kit. Let's see what happens then.

Yesterday I got pretty enthusiastic with the cleaning and emptied another box of fabric. There are only two options--on a shelf (where I can see it) or in a box for donating. Occasionally I do put something aside to make shorts or a dress, but even those are rare. I'm determined to get my studio into a clean enough condition that I can find stuff and get work done.

The other thing that I got enthusiastic about was recovering this little binder. It holds my favorite recipes, mostly those written by the person I got it from, and a few recipes that I want to try eventually. (In some cases it's been years, but who's keeping track, right?)

The original binder

Front cover
Inside front cover in pretty stripes
I discovered this little piece of decorator fabric that I really like because of the soft colors, and added two other pieces that were hanging around (and almost match) to use as the inside covers. 

Back cover (same fabric goes from front) edge to back edge
I like the way it turned out. Plus it was fast and easy. I used Mrs. Bertha's suggestions from last Monday's guild meeting. I think I'll write a tutorial and include the tips Mrs. Bertha gave us. Look for that by the end of the week. 

Inside back cover

And here are a few more pics of Milly dancing in her new dress with her favorite toy--a cheap little plastic slinky. Goodness knows where it came from.

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Karen S said...

Milly is looking great in her new outfit. So bright and cheerful.
And great to see an update on your recipe folder. Have to look after all those special recipes!