Friday, June 8, 2018

Kiddo Fast Finishes

 One afternoon this week I had Milly and decided that she needed a new dress. When she goes home, oftentimes she's wearing the dress or other nice outfit that we managed to hold on to. It's easy to lose things: shoes, bottles, clothes, sippy cups and so on. 

Front of dress showing the sherbet bodice
It's sometimes easier to just figure it out as we go. This particular time I decided to sew a little dress and matching shorts. As I've been cleaning and organizing fabric, I've run across a few pieces that I immediately have a project for. I pulled out this pretty plaid and set it aside thinking it would be just big enough for shorts. 
Back of dress

Well, it was even bigger than that. I was able to piece together enough for the dress by adding a bodice from a coordinating sherbet orange. The sherbet piece was big enough for the shorts and the interfacing for the dress. In other words, I squeezed all I could out of the plaid then squeezed the orange. There are only small scraps of the plaid left. 
Asked to show me her shorts,
she did exactly that

Milly does not like to change clothes. When she saw me coming with the dress, she started fussing, but I got a length measurement anyway. A good thing since it was about four inches too long. In no time I had a little dress and matching shorts. 

After a particularly wet diaper, she got to wear the outfit. I got a few pictures of her showing off in her new dress. And I could not resist this little collage of her playing. 

Since the outfit was a fast finish, I decided to sew a couple of pair of shorts for the bigger girls. I used what I thought was the pattern from last summer, but that must have been for Jolie. These two are way too big. So I'll have to find someone about two sizes bigger to gift them to.

Nevertheless, these are really cute. And while the plaids on the dress are a mess, these plaids are perfect. Yes, there is a seam in the middle of those short 

So all that happened on Tuesday, maybe? Then yesterday I put it in my head that she is so cute she deserves another outfit. I even got to wash it before putting it on her.

How sweet is this smile?

Am I right? How is it possible to love a cutie pie so much?

I found this cute garden fabric while trying to organize fabricsagainbut decided that it's too cute and the opportunity too good to past up. So I delayed the fabric organizing by an hour or so.

Well worth my time, don't you agree?

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Karen S said...

They are both gorgeous outfits It is fun to make things this size as they are so quick and can be worn immediately. Your fabric sorting is paying dividends.

Karen's Korner said...

How cute is your little model and the outfits are just as cute.

Frédérique said...

She seems to enjoy it! Beautiful outfits for a cute little girl ;)