Thursday, June 21, 2018

New under my needle

I've missed having a small hand-quilting project. It's been almost a month since I finished the orphan quilt block my mom made. I've had an idea squeaking around in my brain, so I decided today (quite randomly) that I'd do something with it. 

All improv and all fun, it's going quite well. It was meant to be a small wall hanging, so it didn't take a great deal of time to put together. I just cut pieces with my scissors and stitched or raw edge applique things on. I even have a small reverse-applique piece (not shown).

Tonight I brought the top and my little basket of tools in to stitch while we watched a movie. I can see small changes already. This one might be fast. Enjoy the sneak peek!


Kaja said...

The thing I like best about hand work is that you can pick it up, put it down, and all those little bursts of stitching eventually turn into something.

Karen S said...

It is lovely to be able to get back to doing the things you enjoy. Even if only for a short time.