Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: P U R P L E

I may have found inspiration in the color purple already, but the quilt I finished this week really has me thinking purple. Then I looked in to see how much purple I have. 
These are my purple fabrics.
Aren't they nicely organized?

It's not so bad as I thought, though it's plenty of fabric for one color. What was I thinking? Oh, yes, all those granddaughters. That's what I was thinking--the color of bright smiles and sparkly eyes when we discovered a perfect fabric. 

(Source: w-interr, via sparklingspanishwaters)
I must admit, when the girls were with me at a fabric store, they could easily convince me to buy their favorite fabric of the day. Though generally it was pink (that's a pile of one color!) I was duped into several others as well. 

Amethyst: a #purple stone brings calmness and clarity, helps you to get in touch with your intuition. @catwisdom101Tablescape Centerpiece Balloons

So it goes when you wait as long as I did for a little girl to come into your life. Then you're blessed with many and the gratitude is unspeakable. 

Not my purple buttons, but aren't they lovely?
When you have such a love for grandies, you let them enjoy every bit of every thing possible, because you've come to realize how short life is and know that some experiences and memories are worth everything it will cost you. 

Sun colored amethyst or "purple glass" bottles, c.1880 to WWI. These look beautiful in a window or on a white shelf.

And you make quilts. 

This is my absolute favorite Storm At Sea quilt. Eugene did a magnificent job on it. Beautiful.

Purple Strip Quilt. I could do this! I love how easy it'd be to make but still have a great impact!

Purple and white.  it looks like 2 meters x 2 meters so the blocks should be approx 4 inches finished.

easy 2 color quilt patterns free | Two Color Quilt Pattern Suggestions Please - Page 2

quilt in purples and blues (color id: Pantone, by leaff)

Follow The Purple Brick Road by sewandtellquilts - so gorgeous!Purple floral log cabin                                                       …

beautiful quilt and quilting, Jacob's Ladder pattern, I think

My Fabric Obsession: Purple Diamonds!

L' Fair Quilts: April 2013

Have  a beautiful, purple kind of week!


dq said...

Wow! How about all of those purple quilts! They are lovely. I don't have much purple in my stash. I certainly don't have enough to make even one purple quilt let alone that many. I think I like multi-colored quilts.

I am a new grams with two 1 year old grandies. I plan to make several small quilts to keep at Grandma's house that they can snuggle up in while we play and watch movies. I envision them picking out the one they want each time they come to play. We shall see how that goes over the years.

Karen S said...

Lovely shades of purple.
Grandies are such fun!!