Thursday, June 28, 2018

Handwork is fast work!

I'm a fanatic at times. On hyper-drive when I start something that is of great interest. Unable to enjoy the work unless the work is moving forward. Rarely do I sit and appreciate something of my own making. 

However I do stop often and appreciate it for moments. Just moments. But still. Every time I empty my needle, I take a moment. Just a moment. But still.

I look at where I'm going. Appreciate what I've done. Make a few decisions. Thread up and stitch. Fast and furious, off I go again. 

What do you have under your needle?

Edited to add: see my article on AHIQ: Improvisational Utility Quilts. Thanks to Kaja and Ann for putting together this great new blog.

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Kaja said...

No photos showing, Mary.