Monday, July 2, 2018

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: pebbles

Pebbles, aye? Well, ya pro'bly got ya cut out for ye! So git goin!

Rock | Pebble | Stone | 岩 | 石 | Pierre | камень | Pietra | Piedra | Color | Texture | Pattern |Pebbles | The multi-coloured pebbles on New Aberdour beach t… | Flickr

Rain Forest 960-lb Gray Mexican Beach Pebbles
Pebble mosaic, Çakıl taşı  Pebble art Pebblemosaic Taş sokak

Pebble Art Family of Five sitting on a log under trees and sun in an 8x10 "open" wood frame (FREE SHIPPING)

Rock | Pebble | Stone | 岩 | 石 | Pierre | камень | Pietra | Piedra | Color | Texture | Pattern |

So, ere's wat's about: lots 'o quilts with pebble quilting, n't much with pebble pictures or pebble shapes.

Just Leaf It by QOB <3 Karen Terrens

Practice Machine Quilting Pebbling

Free Motion Quilted Tea Cup

I love pebbling! Its a great design for a new quilter to try. I get all my students trying...

'eres the real ting. Use yer imagination.

circle quilt by Thimble and Bobbin, based on the original pillow by Ryan Walsh (the link). His tutorial isn't available any longer but it's still pretty to look at.

My #humilitycircle goodstitches I-Spy quilt is done!  It turned out SO AWESOME!  Thanks to the ladies in #humilitycircle  More pics on the blog! | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

japan quilt show 2013  great pattern - maybe with different sized rectangles

Beautiful quilt design, which, in my opinion, would make a pretty cool yearbook cover design.

Melinda Quilts ETC: Customer Quilts  - Circle quilt idea....could be a neat one to make into stars and planets on a black background

Stitcherydo: I Spy quilt... bubbles!

Hav' a great week, matey. I be signin' out an' gittin' back to me ship.

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