Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Cotton Robin Big Reveal 2018

You can see all of the finished quilt on the Cotton Robin blog. 
That means I can now show you my quilt and the ones I worked on. I am still surprised at the changes to my starter block. It's always so much fun to play!

my original block

my completed quilt
I love my quilt. This is my second one from the Cotton Robin. Playing is just unbelievably fun. 
  1. Something you begin and send off, comes back to you complete and interestingly different. 
  2. You have no idea who will work on the quilt, their style or ideas.
  3. Who knows where your quilts will go or where the blocks will come from? Last year my quilt went to Australia!
  4. You get to "meet" others through their posts on the blog and their work on the quilts.
  5. You get inspiration from the blocks and resulting quilts. What inspiration!
  6. You stretch your quilting skills and work on quilt styles that you might never consider.
  7.  A host of other benefits!  
 Tish's Old Man Winter block 
was finished by Mary, Terry and Liz

Traceyanne's block became this quilt 
by Andrea, Mary and Kate

 Susie's Christmas truck block is now a quilt 
by Rachel, Nan and Mary. I'm was the quilter 
for this one. Man, was I nervous!

Go by and see the other pieces. Julie posts both the block and the finished quilt on the blog reveal. The transformations are pretty awesome!  Cotton Robin.blogspot.com


FlashinScissors said...

Great quilts, Mary, and I love how yours turned out, it’s so pretty.,
Barbara xx

jenclair said...

What a fun round robin idea! I love the way your original block turned out! All of the blocks are great, but I found myself especially delighted with the little umbrellas that brighten the Old Man Winter block. Maybe because I so desperately want rain. :)

Kaja said...

What a great group of quilts - such a fun way to work.