Thursday, July 5, 2018

July Cotton Quilters' Guild Meeting

guild fundraiser quilt
Today was our guild meeting. I am just embarrassed by how unorganized and unprepared I was!

It really was intolerable and I'm glad I was not a guild member just waiting for things to happen. I'd have been quite annoyed. 

Of course there are things that we do at every meeting: pledge, prayer, prayer requests, minutes and treasury report, that sort of thing. Even those weren't prepared, rather the officers were not at the meeting. When you have to fill two hours and don't have enough "stuff," you need every report.

close up of fundraiser quilt

So anyway, it went badly, but there were a few good moments, thanks to a few wonderful people:
Mrs. Helen prepared and organized all of the tickets for the fundraiser quilt that we are raffling. 

We've been working on a row quilt for several months. Mrs. Mary, one of the members brought all of her blocks and showed them for the first time. 

Another member, Mrs. Priscilla, loves working with and saving old quilts and fabrics. She just acquired a beautiful, hand-sewn butterfly quilt and shared it with us. 

In the end, I adjourned 30 minutes early. Most of the members stayed and chatted and talked quilts. I'm not sure it was really a bad thing, though I fumbled around way too much. 

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