Friday, October 19, 2018

Faith ~~ an almost finish!

I have a finish! It's a quilt I made to enter into the MQG contest American Patchwork and Quilting Two-Color Quilting Challenge

The quilt's two colors are natural white and ash. The quilting changes the direction of light so it looks as though there are two shades of ash. There is only one. I've managed a neat camera trick. (I can't intentionally reproduce that, so enjoy my achievement.) 

Per the rules, there can be only two colors, so either count the thread as one, or make the threads match the fabric. I decided to go with the second so I could have two low-contrast fabrics.

My idea for this small quilt is that there be lots of negative space to show off the tight quilting motifs. Maybe I should try to figure out how many different motifs I used. 
In the center: three layers of half-feathers
because I wanted to see how it looks.
I'll let you know how it does in the jury process. Crossed fingers that it gets in!

UPDATE: It's complete! 

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Karen S said...

A lovely result. Good luck.
I really like the subtlety of the colours. Lovely work with the quilting.

Kaja said...

Fingers crossed here. You have done some really lovely quilting and I like the clever work you have done to make your ash fabric look different from different angles.