Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Two Guilds, One Day

Want to know who attended two, yes two, guild meetings on Monday? This girl. This one right here. Umm. Me. The girl on the right is Mrs. Josie and she's showing off her very pretty set of pillows that match the fundraiser quilt our guild is raffling. 

I attended the usual, first Monday of the month, Cotton Quilters' Guild Meeting in Cottonport. It was informative, stressing, and fun. Then I attended the new-to-me first Monday of the month Baton Rouge Modern Quilt Guild. It was informative, stressing, and fun. 

Today's post covers the first one. Remember that I'm president? There were a few problems but we started out great. After helping to set up our treasurer, Debbie, asked about her tee-shirt quilt to discover that she needed to remove the paper backing on each panel. She decided to do that while waiting for the meeting to start. Ha! Don't you just know that we had an impromptu bee? 

Things kinda went downhill from there. Only about half of our people showed up. (There's a cough going around, but I did forget to send out a reminder.) Then the presenter let us know that she was sick and couldn't come. That's 30+ minutes of the meeting. Aww, and on a day when I didn't have a Plan B. 

It turned out okay when Mrs. Mary Coco got up to show off her latest handiwork. A neighbor asked her to make a "Cotton Pick Sack" so he could pick cotton by hand in the fields surrounding his home. Apparently he's an ambitious 80 years young.

Mrs. Mary did a bit of research and shared some of the information she learned about how to make the cotton sack. She special-ordered the fabric and made a 12 foot sack, which would have been for a man, according to directions in the Smithsonian Museum information. 

From there we had other members with items to share with the group. Including one member who shared the items our guild will use to create a window display. More on that on Thursday's post.

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Karen S said...

You never know how the day is going to turn out. Looks like it was still a good day!