Saturday, October 13, 2018

Happy 50th Birthday! ~~a finish

And another one down, dusted and done. This one is going to a friend to be gift-wrapped and wait for a birthday gathering. How about that? Wait! Did you read that? The quilt is going to WAIT for the party. 
I can't believe I've finished this early. I actually finished last week which means that I'm a month ahead of deadline. Go us! Us because I didn't work alone. This was definitely a team effort. 

Let's see if I can remember all the players (using first names only to protect the innocent). Deanna gets credit for the idea. And for roping me into the job. Plus, she worked extra hard getting signatures. Really, she deserves a reward.

Monica took pictures, printed them on fabric and embroidered the center block. She went above and beyond in the fabric printing. Goodness knows how much she spent on fabric and ink. But the end result shows her dedication to getting it just right.

Since Father loves red and white, it was easy to choose a color scheme and, knowing we wanted signatures, choosing a block was pretty easy also. I'd used this easy pattern before and knew that it would be fast going. After I sewed the blocks, I handed them off to Deanna who went all over the state (almost) getting signatures. 

Eventually the blocks came back to me for sewing into a top and quilting. All of which is done! I took the easy route for the quilting also, quilting in the ditch around each block and straight lines in the white area. 
The backing is a combination of these gorgeous scripture panels that I bought when we were in Paducah for Quilt Week. I also bought a couple yards of footprints fabric to make up the difference, but that didn't quite make it, so I added a solid beige to make up the difference. 

In the end I used up 6½ yards of red and white and about two yards of the neutral. The only cost I had was for the panels and the footprints in the sand fabric.  

Quilt Stats
Name:  Fr. Ibe's 50th Birthday Quilt
Size: 84 x 92
Fabrics: fabrics from stash
Backing: scripture panels, footprints, neutral
Binding: red fabric from stash
Pattern: signature design
Quilting: straight-line quilting, SITD
Completed: October 5, 2018

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Karen S said...

Fantastic quilt. What a great idea. And well done completing it well before the due date. That is amazing.

Kaja said...

Good job!

jenclair said...

Whoop! Whoop! Oh, what a wonderful quilt and gift! You, Monica, Deanna, and all of those who signed have created an unbelievable treasure. Fr. Ibe is going to be stunned. What a team effort!