Saturday, October 6, 2018

Quilting teaches me.... Perseverance

I've been quilting for a lifetime, literally, and have come to the conclusion that we do what we love in part because it challenges us to learn. Anyone who quilts can attest to the idea of learning about fabric and supplies, blocks and backings, sewing and making. 
I'm exploring the other things that quilting teaches.

Old Ohio Rose
Quilting teaches me that every little step, every little advance, adds up and moves you forward. When I was young, I wiggled out of things using the excuse that if you didn't have time to finish, you may as well wait to begin.

It's an immature concept, but children hear it and believe it and begin to live it. I was one of those children. I rarely started a sewing project unless I had time to finish it that day. Anything requiring more time was just too overwhelming. 

Until I needed to make a quilt. I really needed a quilt as we were living in a frame house with lots of airspace. It was cold in the winter and we had a baby but not enough quilts. I could have asked my mom or grandmother to make one, and it's possible that I did. I don't remember quite how I got started. I like to think that one of them nudged me a little. 
Double Disappearing Nine Patch

Regardless, I did get started on what was, to me, a huge project: a twin bed quilt. I had to tell myself often that I would finish eventually--I just needed to keep working. Surely when I saw either of my quilt mentors, mom and ma-ma would ask or offer advice. I know they encouraged me with fabric and supplies.

It may have taken me the entire summer. I don't remember any of the details. I just remember that I finished eventually. I needed a few more large projects for the concept of perseverance to replace my excuses for not starting. Necessity was probably the reason for those projects, too. Eventually I grew up and with growth became a "self-starter."

But that first quilt made of necessity was the project that most taught me to persevere. 

Quilting teaches me...

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Karen S said...

It is interesting that these memories have stayed with you. Very special.