Thursday, October 4, 2018

Pin It Weekly #256

Happy Weekly! Here are a few quilts that I recently pinned.
CROSSROADS - Diane Melms

First up, everything by Diane Melms--she may be my favorite new quilter. Here are five of her fantastic pieces.
Diane Melms CROSSROADS Click on any image to view as a slide show.

Chroma Stacks - Diane Melms
Diane Melms quilt. The opposite of minimal, but I love this one too!

Structures - Diane Melms

Next, I've been watching Perspective in Landscape Drawing by Patrick Conners, one of the lessons on Craftsy's Bluprint platform. (No affiliation.) And the result is that I really want to begin a landscape quilt. 

Art Landscape Quilt Patterns | 206 on the lake

"Birches" - sewn fabric collage by Merle Axelerad;  "Each of these textile art pieces are created by sewing thousands of fabric pieces together collage style to create the final fabric collage. Unlike traditional collage, Merle Axelrad uses no adhesives in creating her landscapes."Art Quilt by Kathy Schattleitner (Grand Junction, CO) Incredible!!!

Passages quilt, 37.5” x 32”,  ©2016 by Ruth B. McDowell. Machine Pieced, Machine Quilted, Cotton Fabrics, Cotton Batting

 Of course, I can't start yet another project! I have too many irons in the fire now, but I can enjoy the landscape works that I do run across with new knowledge of why some things work and others don't. 

It's the kind of knowledge that I love: something to ponder and think about and apply a little at a time. Then one day, I'll see a painting or quilt and wow! I get it! Those fabulous moments. 

For more of those kind of moments, plus these kinds of quilts and goodness knows how many more kinds, check out 
my "heart, quilts" board on Pinterest.

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Kaja said...

Diane Melms has such a sure touch with colour; her quilts always make me smile.