Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Quilting teaches me.... Charity

I've been quilting for a lifetime, literally, and have come to the conclusion that we do what we love in part because it challenges us to learn. Anyone who quilts can attest to the idea of learning about fabric and supplies, blocks and backings, sewing and making. 
I'm exploring the other things that quilting teaches.

I should not brag about charitable donations, I know, but I've been writing about what I've learned through quilting and helping others has been a big lesson for me. 

One of the ways that I've learned about charity is in supporting our church is through the items I make and donate to raffles and bingo. Most of those items are quilted but not all. I like that I can make anything I want, big or small, and they can all go to a booth as a prize.

Other ways I've been quilty-charitable is by giving quilts directly to someone in need. Several years ago to a student with cancer. Once a young mother trying to make it on her own. A veteran. Those people who truly appreciate that someone cares. 

A HST quilt in blue and white signed by classmates was a symbol of how much they loved and missed a classmate fighting cancer. Unable to attend school during his chemo treatments, he had a tangible item to remind him of his school family's support and concern. He graduated on time to walk across the stage with his childhood friends.

And so it goes with every item that I make and give to others. It's nice to sell on occasion, certainly the money helps. But knowing that I join a multitude of other quilters and sewists who donate their time and talent to help those less fortunate is what makes the true difference. Their lives may be difficult due to illness, disaster, finances, loneliness or a host of other problems, but I've learned that small gestures can make big changes. For them and for me.

Quilting teaches me...

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