Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Daniel's Quilt.....as promised

One of my students is a young man who found out only a month or so ago that he has cancer.  Two surgeries later and he is now facing the possibility of chemotherapy or radiation.  Although he went through surgery well and is okay now, he's not back at school nor is he expected back very soon.  

I've been quite worried about him and have been praying for him.  I've even asked his classmates to pray for him, especially on the day that Daniel had surgery.  We've signed some large poster paper "cards" with lots of well-wishes.  I wanted to do something else, though.  Daniel is such a sweet young man--quiet and hard-working and stoic.  He's handling his illness very well and has proven to me that 17 year olds can handle the toughest news with grace and strength.  

So, wanting to do more, I asked the kids to bring in school tee shirts, but that really didn't go over very well.  I gave up the tee shirt quilt idea and decided to make him a quilt using some of the many blues in my stash.  

That's the quilt pictured here.  I plan to deliver it in a few days, but first his classmates will have a chance to write well-wishes and sign it.  Definitely I want to deliver it before the Thanksgiving holidays begin.  I am sure that if he does have an additional therapy, it will begin soon and I'd like for him to have this quilt before that begins.  
a close up photo
showing two corners of the back....I used some color but
also some white so we can have more room for signatures.

Please leave a comment telling me what you think of the quilt and, more importantly, please say a prayer or two for Daniel. I'll pass along the prayers and wishes.
Noticed the little paws on the bottom edge of the quilt?
Those little Maltese stinkers make it difficult to do anything on the floor.
Happy Quilting,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Mary. You have a good heart for doing this for a student.

jenclair said...

Oh, and Daniel's classmates will sign it! I love this idea!