Monday, November 19, 2012

The real meaning of "blue Monday"

has more to do with the color blue than the feeling of blue.  By that I mean that today's blue is the color of the sky and sea.  The quilt top that I finished today has been hanging on the design wall for months, no kidding.  It's looked just like this except when I needed the design wall and moved it to a basket.

I'd used the design wall, then stick the poor quilt parts back on.  Every time I did, I moved them around so I could look at the different settings, but nothing really spoke to me, so I'd put everything back in the original order.  

I'd almost given up when Angie came for a visit and saw the pieces and complimented it.  She really liked the center medallion fleur de lis.  That reminded me of a couple of other compliments that I've gotten, one from my sister Laura who visited in the summer.  Yep, it's been that long.  

Okay, so it was time to get moving on this baby before it ended up in a shelved basket.  Quilts in shelved baskets get forgotten, or worse.

On Friday I decided that the pieces knew their setting, so I sewed them to the center.

I need a few more pieces and worked on those on Saturday.  I even made a few pieces that didn't get used!  Would you understand if I said I just didn't know what this quilt was thinking?  That's what it felt like.  I'd make a section and put it on the wall, but the quilt would say no.  Off they came.  Tossed to the side.  And on it went.

Today, I decided to stop that business.  It wasn't working anyway.   The whole "Sand and Sun" collection is centered around this fabric with the circle shapes, so I wrapped up the center with a wide border of this fabric.  

Dad's home!

Guess what?  I LOVE IT!  I was beginning to take pictures when the phone rang and I had to rush to a grandchild.  Stacey  and Will 's children do not handle all.  Dusti has bronchitis and got a shot, then passed out and knocked her head on something.  Stacey doesn't handle one drop of blood but she managed to stop throwing up long enough to call me. 

Jolie's attempt to cheer up
Dusti, who refused a picture.
Thus my trip to the ER.  Everyone is okay, Dusti has a concussion and Stacey an upset stomach, but Will managed to get home tonight to tend to his family.  That means that I may be able to load this quilt top tomorrow and begin stitching it.  I hope so....I'm really anxious to see it finished.


jenclair said...

Can't wait to see the quilt after you've pushed past the indecision!

My daughter developed a needle phobia after she was grown--it was embarrassing and dangerous. After Bryce Eleanor was born, she knew she had to get a grip. Now she doesn't even need Valium every time she goes to the dentist or to the doctor (and thank goodness for understanding physicians). The fear of needles can cause a lot of problems--poor Dusti!

Carla said...

Sometimes the best laid plans.....