Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Latest project

I finished this quilt a few days ago.  The title is "Fleurs sur Lundi bleu" which is French for "Flowers on Blue Monday."  

I used fabrics in the Surf and Sand collection by Michele D'Amore for Marcus Brothers Textiles.  I really like the fabrics and enjoyed the process of designing the quilt as I worked on it...truly flying by the seat of my pants!  

However, I am disappointed that in the end the center fleur de lis is so off-center.  

There are other mistakes in the quilt but I'm going to have to live with all of them because I didn't notice any of those mistake until after the quilt was COMPLETELY finished, quilted and bound!

Here are a few close up so that you can see if you can find those crazy mistakes and check out some of my quilting.  

I really had fun quilting and used a few different quilting techniques, such as echo quilting, feathers, in the ditch, 
pebbling, trapunto and stippling.  
Some of them I have not done before, so I learned a bit, too.

Although I'm disappointed with the mistakes in the quilt, I am happy with the color and block designs.  I guess that's something.  
Happy Quilting,


Carla said...

Okay, what mistakes? This is gorgeous!

Diana and LaDonna said...

Never point out your mistakes, Mary! :) We all make them! It's a creative design element! Love the colors in your quilt, the design, and your quilting is great!


jenclair said...

This is a wonderful quilt, Mary! I love the colors and the name of the quilt. I don't look for mistakes, and only notice if they stand out and shout, so I will have to take your word for any errors. Love that you experimented and designed as you went and still have a beautiful quilt!

Mary Marcotte said...

Thanks all. Carla, believe me there are some mistakes. But I'll follow LaDonna's advice and try not to point them out any more. I also like the colors and the design, and I had lots of fun expermenting. Jenclair, it's fun to just play as I go, but I'm not as free at it as you are. I'm learning though. Hope you ladies have a great week.