Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pin It Wednesdays

Back on Pinterest I discovered that there are more ideas than a girl can stand!  So tonight it was all about the know, that hobby I love from a distance.  I really do love gardens and flowers, but I've found gardening to be, well, work.  

I'm sorry to say that the most actual gardening I've done in the last couple of years has been little to none, with the exception of pulling a few weeds when they've taken over so badly that we can't see the flowers.  Thank goodness my darling husband truly enjoys the work. 

Because I enjoy looking at gardens, I'm finding that Pinterest makes for a very nice "stroll" through other people's beautiful spaces.  Join me, won't you?  These are some of my favorite sights.   

I have some of these lighter pink roses.  They are growing wild and taking over every part of the bed they're in.  We've attempted to control them, but that's not happening.  I'm hoping to convince Richard to build something for them to climb and then move them.  I love the look and the fact that I can forget about them, but goodness it's difficult to keep them from eating up the other plants. 

While we doing pink, check this out.  I think they are cherry trees, but don't ask me where they are.  I have a whole board just on tress!  Yes, crazy, no?  Ah well, there you have it: I have an eclectic   mix of boards.  

Because it feels very much like I'm cheating by "borrowing" from my Pinterest board, I'll leave you with a photo from that board that is originally my own pic.  It's one I took last year when the catabla trees were in bloom.  (I know, I know, it's on the wrong board.)

Happy gardening, uhm, I meant quilting.  We'll get back to Houston in a day or so.  I just needed a break from organizing the photos.  


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