Monday, November 5, 2012

Back to Houston

that's a virtual return to Houston, of course.  I have enough photos to last a while and my feet are still too tired to go through that again.  I sat for a little while to work on some more photos for you and made a big discovery: I can compress, edit and load photos in bulk!  

That means that all the photos are now compressed, something that I have to do to be able to upload them to blogger.  I haven't gotten brave enough to attempt editing in bulk, with the exception of adding brightness.  My camera settings are off somewhat, so I have to brighten everything until I figure out how to correct the settings.

I made another discovery while organizing the photos: I took photos of the winning quilts, but the camera automatically sets up file folders and puts the pics in the appropriate folder.  I had taken enough photos that it just built another folder and started using it. 

I looked in one folder but it turns out there are pics in two folders.  I've now put all of the photos from the show in one folder on the computer, which makes them much easier to find, edit and upload.

 While I enjoy the newly found features of my camera, you enjoy the quilts.  These are from the AAQI booth, where they were making lots of noise and getting lots of attention.  

The name in white on this quilt runner on the outside of the AAQI booth is my mom's name.  I wrote her name on the piece of fabric last year while at the booth and this year it appeared, like magic, with rows and rows of other names of Alzheimer's patients.

And from here we go to photos of landscape quilts, followed by a few avian photos.  I wish I could remember something about the quilts, but there are too many--quilts and photos! 

On to birds......

Happy Quilting,


daydreamsdustbunnies said...

Beautiful and absolutely amazing!! Thanks for sharing.

jenclair said...

How neat that you were able to put your mother's name on fabric last year and have it included this year!

Oh, the quilts! Aren't they something?