Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Quilt Inspiration

Since I still have some unposted photos from the Houston Quilt Show, I thought I'd share a few to help inspire you for the week.  I've already started a project that I'm trying like crazy to finish tomorrow.  

It's a surprise for someone special, so I'm not going to reveal it till it's done and delivered, but I could probably use some inspiration to get one of those UFO's moved back to the front of the line.  There's a UFO on my design wall that's been there for a while, and I surely need to finish that up soon!

 Okay, enough about my silliness.  Here are some Houston quilts that should fire up some brain cells!

Most are blue ribbon winners, and I'm posting a full quilt photo followed by a close up or two.  

Hope you enjoy!

I tried to take lots of photos of any flowers that I could find.  I was very busy!  One reason for all the photos is that I love to applique flowers and am always looking for ideas.  I figured this would be a great way to find inspiration.....oh, wait, tonight is YOUR inspiration.  Well then, let's continue, shall we?  Here are a few more of those stunning quilts and their flower smiles.

There now, don't you feel inspired?  I know I do!
Happy Quilting,

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