Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanks for......

Reruns!  That's what I'm doing--rerunning a photo from last year.  My turkey was so pretty that I thought I'd just get a little more mileage from the photo.

Okay, okay, the truth: We had our family Thanksgiving gathering tonight, but I cooked a pork roast and Will cooked fried a turkey.  However, there was so much commotion and craziness in my house that I forgot to take pictures.  So, I am forced to reuse last year's picture.  Hey I do have an excuse: my last Thanksgiving turkey was SO much prettier than Will's turkey tonight.  I know, without a picture, it's my word against his.  His fried turkey does taste better (a tiny little bit) but it's not exactly healthy, nor is it pretty.  Let's just say it has to be served already carved with, uhm, crispy pieces removed.  

In other words it was a typical Thanksgiving feast at our house....noisy, exhausting, delicious, fattening, and wonderfully blessed.   There are so many people and reasons to be thankful that I'll simply close with a prayer that you and your family feel as blessed and as grateful.

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Carla said...

Happy day to you! And yes that turkey looks delicious.