Saturday, April 13, 2013

A shot of red

One of my favorite flowers is the amarillo.  The blooms last for quite a while.  They come in a beautiful variety of colors and sizes and are good candidates for pots.  In fact, the one I have in bloom right now was a gift that arrived in full bloom in a container. 

Once the blooms dropped, I planted it outside thinking it had a much better chance of surviving.  For the last few years, a little granddaughter has broken one or two of the flowers, sometime before they were fully opened.  What a disappointment that can be!

I grabbed the opportunity to snap a few pictures before the crew's arrival this afternoon. I figured two flowers didn't have much chance with all seven of the grandchildren on the way.  Surprisingly they are still standing.

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Anonymous said...

Very pretty, Mary. That is one of the flowers I don't have in my yard, but maybe I should start looking for it!