Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pin It Wednesday #16

Here are this week's pins.   A new board for live performances we've seen or want to see called, "live, on stage."  Come for a visit.
A board for vintage sewing machines cause they are so stinking cute!  I mean, look at this little darling.  Is even possible to be so cute?   Can I have it, please?  Please, pretty please!!???      

I hope you've enjoyed the pins tonight.  I have well over 4,000 pins on 100+ boards.  I'm pretty serious about keeping them arranged and, when I happen to pin something on to the wrong board (it's really very easy to do) I go back and move the pin. 
The easiest way to do that is to click on the down arrow next to your name in the upper right corner and choose "your pins."  The pins appear in order of capture with the most recent at the top, so it's easy to find the last ones.  You can then go to the board where you accidentally pinned the photo by clicking on the board name. 
Once at the board, let your mouse pointer hover over the photo, then click on the "edit" button in the upper right corner.  Now you have several options: change the board by clicking the down arrow and choosing the right one; change the description by typing in the new information; delete the pin by clicking on the button; or, if everything is correct, cancel.  If you make changes, click "save change." 
I hope you can used this info for your own Pinterest site.  If you have one, share the link with the rest of us in the comments.  I'd love to find a few friends on Pinterest!

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Anonymous said...

I don't have a Pinterest site, but so many friends talking about it, I guess it's time to check it out. Thanks, I love the old machines.