Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wonky Stars Table Runner (part 2)

Last night I wrote about my weekend project, a wonky stars table runner, which I still haven't finished but the only thing left is the binding.  Well, not the binding since I've decided not to put on a binding. 

Instead I'm hand-stitching the raw edge by first turning both top and bottom into the quilt.  Why, you ask....simply because I'm out of fabric.  Yep, I ended up piecing the background for the top to have enough. 

It's my way: don't measure then figure a way to wiggle out of the problems.  Turning the edges in to close off instead of binding is my wiggle.   I could, of course, piece some of the solids for a binding, but I want to give this idea a try.

In the meantime, as promised last night, here are photos of the quilting I did on Sunday.  I enjoyed this quilting so very much.  I hadn't quilted feathers in a while so it took a moment.   I needed the practice and am not one to practice on blanks.  I have so little time to play that it's all serious play. 

 I like the feathers even though I can't imagine that feathers and stars go together.  This table runner is for my dining room table, and I can live with the combination, even if it doesn't make sense.  
Have you ever finished a project with no fabric left for binding?  How did you handle that? 

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