Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Quilt Inspiration

I'm going to mix it up just a little today: first some photos of double wedding ring quilts that I found on Pinterest lately.  Some of these are stunning.  I've been thinking that it's time to get to this pattern, but then I chicken out. 

There's no other way to say it....I'm scared.  There are so many pieces and even if I were to manage, somehow, to get the top done, I'm certainly not ready for the quilting! 

Therefore, I'm sharing these pictures so that if you've been thinking of tackling a DWR, maybe they will inspire you. 

Here's the reason that I'm not ready and I may never be ready: DWR requires the same quilting in the background. 

It's just necessary if the quilt is going to look right and, while I can perhaps create something almost this pretty once, I can not do it over and over and over again.....let alone 42 times! 

And wait, there's more! [said in a commercial voice] For every one of those 42 large blocks, there are two of the side windows that require the SAME design--a vertical and a horizontal. 

Nope, not me, not yet.   Sure, I could stipple or do some other lazy-dazey design, but a truly good design----no. 

The question as to whether I'll ever be ready....the answer is only if I'm really drugged.  You know, with some powerful ADHD meds that block all thoughts of _______

Well, all thoughts.

Luckily I don't write while quilting because my stream-of-consciousness is strange to say the least.

Okay, enough about something I may never do.  Here's a little something I have been doing. 

Of course I have only horrible pictures to show you. Anything better would be some another person had taken!   I'm hoping that you can see the quilting in these photos, though.  I'm quilting a modern version of "He Loves Me."  I cut the Dresden plates out last summer and finally finished the applique during the Easter break.  If all goes well, I'll be putting binding on next weekend. 

I'm hoping the waves or scrolls add movement to the quilt since the petals are supposed to be floating in the breeze. 

Neither of these pictures shows the entire quilt so you need the idea of a little girl pulling the petals off the flower and tossing them away. Each one flutters as it falls to the ground.  The bottom of the quilt has piles of loose petals. 

It's a fun quilt to make and I love this setting with the green and yellow, but the new version has a natural background, the flowers and the petals.  Nothing to detract from the idea. 

There's lots of quilting and negative space.  I thought it would be a good idea to create movement with the quilting. 

Hopefully, I'll be able to show you the modern version in a week or so.  While photographing the new version, I'll have to snap a few of this one also, don't you think? 
Happy Quilting,

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