Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pin It Wednesday #15

Here's hoping you're having a great week.  My week is going rather slowly, but today is already Wednesday, so we should be rolling downhill now.  If you like chickens, you'll enjoy these pictures. 


We have about a dozen or so on our little farm.  They are laying very well and we're picking about six eggs daily.  Last weekend a hen fell into a vat of oil that Rich is recycling to clean up some tractor parts.  The poor thing was a mess!

Rich finally caught her and tried cleaning her up in a bucket of soapy water.  It didn't work very well, so I brought out a bottle of Goo Gone and we started all over again.  She is not beautiful by any means, but she looks happier.  It's five days later and she's doing much better.  Hopefully her feathers will start coming out soon!

And we'll close tonight's post with a few pieced quilts that I found this afternoon and really like.  All of theme look like they'd be fun, fairly easy piecing. 
 This one really appeals to me.  From a distance it looks difficult but it's one patches and four patches--not difficult at all--and very bright and colorful in this solid color way.

 Flowers or pinwheels?  I'd go with flowers and add some darling little vines and leaves.  Isn't it cute?! 

Finally, this one has me thinking the maker was especially creative by fussy cutting the trees.  I really like the frames--she spent extra time making the stripes work so perfectly. 

Which is your favorite?  Leave a comment, please.

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