Saturday, April 6, 2013

Friday Fun

Somehow I managed to reserved a bit of energy and burst into activity at home.  Okay, burst may be a strong word, but I did move!  First I noticed the pyracantha in bloom and had to snap a few photos.  I love the way it looks like it's covered in snow.

The flowers have a horrid scent but the scrubs are away from the house, so it's not such a problem.  The bees do congregate on the plants but they have choices since the wisteria is also in bloom.  Luckily the wisteria scent is fantastic and pretty much covers the smell of the pyracantha.

Look at how many blooms on this one limb.  The birds will eat well this winter!  They eat the red berries but for some reason, pyracantha berries are the last ones to be consumed.  I assume they are bitter until the very end, but when the birds get to them they clean the bush.

We have three clumps of pyracantha shrubs along the driveway with two or three plants in each clump.  They are growing out of control since we never trim them.  The idea is that eventually they'll form an alley, but the thorns frustrate Richard when he cuts grass.  I've been able to save them but sometimes it gets difficult.  Then winter comes and the red berries are stunningly beautiful and he relents for another summer.  (It's been about 10 years now.)

A few minutes of quilting before going to dinner with my sweet husband.  Then it was off to Miss Sue's CafĂ© in Turkey Creek.  I've heard it advertised on the radio and wanted to give it a try.  The photo does not do the boiled crawfish justice.  They were a bit cold but the spice heated them up!
Richard had the Acadian Platter, fried fish smothered in crawfish etouffe, and it was delicious.

In all, it was a great Friday.  How did yours go?

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