Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday with Friends

Friday with Friends
I've been thinking of starting a new weekly post called "Friday with Friends."  The idea is that each Friday I'll introduce some of my friends to you.  Perhaps they are old friends, maybe online friends, a surprise new friend, and so on.  I figure that if I work on it, I either already have or can get enough friends to keep it going for a few weeks, at the very least. 

I'd be remiss, however, if I left off my best friend, who also just happens to be my husband.  I've mentioned this sweet man before but mostly he's fussed because I put him here.  He's sorta private and obviously made a huge mistake marrying me if he thought he'd live life incognito! 

Who marries a girl who never stops?  Why would a quiet, shy man even consider a girl who is gregarious, witty maybe even wild?  Okay maybe "wild" is a bit much....maybe nuts, definitely enthusiastic and loud, even intense (at times).  Who does that?

Well, it's this guy.  Whether he's taking care of me, spending time with the grandchildren, or caring for the many farm animals, he's kind and gentle and patient.

He loves spending time with the grandchildren and is always the one they call when they want to come for a visit or a sleepover, to go fishing, to attend one of their school events, and so on.  He can't say no to them: which explains why all seven of them are spoiled.  Forget messes...anything goes when they are around.  And he doesn't fuss when they leave.   

There's so much more to say about my guy: how much I love him, our 34+ years of marriage, his support and understanding during my parents' long illness and deaths.  There would not be enough time or space here.  So I'll wish you a wonderful weekend and close instead and ask that you weigh in on the new idea.  Do you think "Friday with Friends" will work?  Would you like more posts like this?

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