Saturday, April 27, 2013

Three Wild Friends

This weekend's sewing seems to be all about granddaughters.  Strangely enough, we haven't seen the first grandchild.  They are all busy with other goings-on, leaving us to do our own thing, except that I'd made a promise earlier this week to make a doggy purse.  And THAT means I'm not doing my own thing.

Since I'm playing with paradoxes, I should explain why I promised a doggy purse and have made instead three cat purses.  Caki called (with help from her dad, of course) and told me that they had been to the mall where she found a doggy purse.  Daddy didn't get it for her, though, so could I make one?  Of course I agreed.  What grandma could squirm out of a personal request from a 3 year old? 

Did Rory know what he was doing?  Oh yes!  He was saving himself 20 bucks times two because, you know, Grandmay can't make something for one granddaughter when there are two in the same house.  Sophie needs a purse, too.

Rory described the purse saying that any animal would do, and I should feel free to cheat by buying a stuffed animal.  That's what I did, of course.  Dollar General had a few stuffed animals but not one doggy.  So, we have here three wild cats--a tiger, a lion and a cheetah.

 Why three?  Because Grandmay has three granddaughters in the toy purse age range: Marley, Sophie and Caki. 

The first cat took quite a bit of time to modify because I didn't consider that a cheap toy might be cheaply made.  All I wanted to do was open a hole in the back, remove some stuffing, and add a zippered pouch and strap.  I ended up losing a tail and having to hand-sew it back on.  While I sewing the tail back on, the head started bobbing about like crazy and required some hand stitches, also.  The zipper was also a time consumer, but I figured out ways to avoid the pitfalls, so the other two cats came together quickly. 

It turns out the three are great friends and love each other very much.  They can barely wait for the little granddaughters to start playing.  I hope that the girls play as sweetly as these three cats do.

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