Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kitties and Kiddies

So we have stray cats around the farm.  It's normally not kosher to have feral cats, but there's not much we can do since we can't catch them.  Adding to the problem is that people tend to use our area as a drop-off place for animals they don't want.  

It's sad but the reality is that the cats are here. I can't let them starve nor can we afford to spay/neuter every one.  This sometimes means babies also arrive.  

The babies are always cute, mewing under bushes, peeking around corners, darting under equipment.  As soon as the grandchildren hear them, it's on!  Dusti and Jolie have searched for hours.   Kittens are great at hiding when they don't want to be found--especially once they grow a bit.  

Last weekend Marley and Dusti did the searching.  Once found, the kittens were treated to a bath, food and TLC.  The only problem with getting TLC from a four-year-old: tight squeezes and fewer escapes under the furniture.  If only for an hour or two, these four little kittens certainly were appreciated.  I'm hopeful that we'll be able to find a couple of good homes for them.  They quickly took to being handled and ate soft food, but they are still very young and can't leave their mother quite yet.  

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